No-Man Measurement While Drilling in Texas

For many decades, Texas has been the beating heart of the American oil and gas industry. Part of this proud tradition is the role it has played in advancing Measurement While Drilling (MWD) technology.

Pioneers in the Texas oilfields have pushed the limits of MWD, transforming it from a hopeful innovation to a vital component of the industry. With MWD tools in Texas, oil and gas exploration in the Lone Star State has gone further and deeper than ever before.

In the heart of this industry lies Survey Rentals Inc, a leading provider of MWD tools, proudly serving the Permian Basin. From our headquarters in Midland, we support Texas by providing the highest quality MWD tools available.

Our commitment is for our clients, the hardworking explorers of this great state, to have access to tools that meet their needs. Our tools meet highest standards of reliability, precision, and efficiency. We understand the demands placed on equipment in challenging environment below the surface.

In the Texas oilfields, where the heat of the sun is rivaled only by competition for resources, Survey Rentals Inc. stands as a dependable partner. We provide our clients with the best unmanned MWD tools in Texas, allowing them to drill more accurately, make better decisions, and extract more, faster.

Our pride is not only in the tools we provide, but in the service we render to the Lone Star State. It's not just about drilling wells. It's about fueling progress. It's about continuing the grand tradition of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the oil and gas industry.